Volume 0006sp: Secrets on How to Think Like a Grandmaster Pt1
Volume 0006sp: Secrets on How to Think Like a Grandmaster Pt1

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Date Added: 04/17/2012 by Helio da Silva Araujo
The product comes with four videos. The first is a short introduction, Susan talks about what the remaining videos are about. The first one is very impressing; Susan analyses a game played against the strong GM Ljubojevic and recalls her feelings during the game. She makes it seem decptively simple what it takes to think like a GM. Basically she tell us countless times that she avoids to violate basic principles and plays safe moves up to a moment when she feels she has the advantage and then she goes for the opponent's king. The second and third games, also against male GMs, feature both the Queen's Gambit. She uses a different plan in each one and explains the basic setup that should be followed in each one, always remembering us to not violate basic principles. With her explanations one feels it is possible to play like a GM, although her tactical skills are enormous she explains the manouvering to achieve winning positions in both games. I highly recomment it for its entertaining and elucidative explanations.

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