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Volume 0014sp: Learn chess in 30min for absolute beginners
Volume 0014sp: Learn chess in 30min for absolute beginners
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Volume 0014 Learn Chess in 30min for absolute beginners

Presents The Best Begining dvd ever produced

Now subtitles in 4 Languages Spanish, French,

German and English. NL                                  

This Dvd is by far the best ever made to teach absolute beginners how to play the worlds greatest game.

Susan Polgar with the aid of great graphics and annimation will teach you how to play the wo

Recommened for everyone!!!! This dvd covers lessons in, tactics, checkmates, rules, notations, setting up the board and everything there is to know for a beginner to learn how to play chess.

Guarantee To Improve your chess Receive private Chess lessons from the Grand Masters for a fraction of the cost!
We guarantee you a complete refund if you don't improve your chess skills and rating after watching these Lessons.

Retain 70 % more than reading a book

This DVD runs for 80 minutes and is split into several chapters. Namely:

Chess History

GM Polgar and FM Paul Truong narrate a brief history of chess, showing some historical archive material from the World Chess Hall of Fame in Florida. One of the features on show is a table used in the Fischer v Spassky match; another is a magnificent display covering the life of GM Polgar herself.

The Queen of Chess

The full tale of GM Susan Polgar’s remarkable life and chess achievements could, of course, fill several DVDs. This is a neat little summary of her story so far.

Excel Through Chess

This short section looks at the benefits of chess for children. A number of brief interview snippets with juniors all reveal a positive attitude and an enjoyment of chess competitions. The importance of a sporting attitude is highlighted too. This is summed up by GM Polgar with one of her favourite phrases: ‘Win with grace, lose with dignity’.

Let’s Learn Chess

When it comes to teaching the actual chess, Susan is helped by her friends ‘Champion’ and ‘King Harold‘, two animated characters; one is a horse, the other a King. The graphics are great and clearly designed to be attractive to children.

Let’s Play Chess

Fine Tune Your Game
Basic Tricks and Advice
Captures in One Move
Checkmates in One Move
Chess Terms and Notation

This is an excellent DVD package and one which should prove especially useful to junior novices and their parents. 'Fun Facts' pop up throughout the lessons and the bite-sized chunks keep the presenation fresh and interesting.

One particular aspect to come across is the way the presenters are not afraid to highlight the achievements of GM Polgar. It’s something we are particularly bad at, here in England, where supporting the underdog is a fine art and maintaining an ambivalent to champions is de rigueur. If we could cultivate positive, successful role models in this country we could improve things immeasurably. Meanwhile, we’ll just have to watch DVDs such as these.

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