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Volume 0154: The classical French
Volume 0154: The classical French
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 Vol.154 The classical French
The French is both a Dynamic and Solid
Opening Repertoire for Black.
IM Andrew Martin presents the material
in a simple and easy to learn format.
Vol.154 The Classical French
(IM Andrew Martin) 140 mins.
The Classical French is a reliable system for Black, both dynamic and solid in equal 
measure. In 2013 it is fast superseding the Winawer as the most popular method for Black against 3 Nc3
On this all-new foxy Openings DVD,  FIDE Senior Trainer Andrew Martin presents an easy repertoire for Black , which will help you to play this variation with confidence.
Most of the games are from 2012/2013 , but there are several classical earlier examples too, which gives balance to the material.

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