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Volume 0166: Chess in 1 Hour
Volume 0166: Chess in 1 Hour
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Foxy DVD Series – Vol 166

Train Yourself Chess Course From Beginner To Expert

Here is the first video, aimed at beginning chess players, in the IM Martin series “Train Yourself in Chess – from Beginner to Expert.” Over an hour of instruction, designed to get you started in the world of chess.

This DVD includes Master Chess 8000, a top multi-engine chess interface pre-loaded with several of the strongest chess engines, rated 3291, 3126, and 3091 – and you can add any UCI engine. Master Chess 8000 contains 2 million games, which can be searched by moves, names, ECO code, results, etc. You can analyze with the engines, annotate and print games, use the statistical tree and import/export .pgn files. The screen graphics are ideal for large monitors, and you can create multiple colored boards, sets and pieces, along with access to several chess fonts.

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