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Foxy 0136-0139 The SNIPER! Combo
Foxy 0136-0139 The SNIPER! Combo
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A Dynamic Universal Ststem for The Aggressive Black Player COMBO PACK

Now Available 4 dvds based on GM Ron Henley Sniper book

11 hours on 4 dvds

The SNIPER! is a dynamic and universal opening system thatfills in the gaps for the Black player who plays the Accelerated Dragon,theDzindzi Indian, or other Black Fianchetto defences. Black’s system ofdevelopment with 1…g6 and 2...Bg7 allows White to occupy the center, but intrue SNIPER! Modern style, Black strikes back with an early c5! The SNIPER! canlead to many original or barely touched upon positions in which Black has verygood theoretical chances, but even better practical chances as his opponent ison unfamiliar turf. The SNIPER! is also very rich in potentialtranspositions into favorable Sicilian, Dzindzi Indian, King’sIndian, or Benko Gambit type positions. Grandmaster Ron W. Henley has spentyears playing 1…g6 systems and with The SNIPER! has now bridged the gap betweenthe Accelerated Dragon and his beloved Dzindzi Indian. In The SNIPER! DVDs hewill show you how to play and his own personal recommendations against each ofWhite’s major third move alternatives, as well as special antidotes to theMaroczy Bind and English Opening.

A counter attackingrepertoire versus 1.e4 or 1.d4· SNIPER! Plans and Tactics · SNIPER! Heroes · SNIPER!Transpositions

GM Henley Books

Crushing White: The SNIPER! is the first of a Black comprehensive repertoire two volume set by International Grandmaster Ron W. Henley. This instructional book was created to reveal the secrets of the SNIPER, which is a universal system that Black can play against virtually any white formation. Black has won many beautiful games by employing various secret Sniper weapons. In the 396 pages, thematic tactics and strategy are explained with the use of 845 diagrams.

Crushing White: The DZINDZI INDIAN! contains a 32 page Sniper Weapons Manual in addition to six THEORY SECTIONS which offer guidance and instruction on how to meet White’s various e4/d4 pawn formations. There are 64 deeply annotated games selected for their beauty and instructional value. At the end of each is a GAME RECAP of the important points. With this easy to learn, yet powerful opening, the reader can quickly begin winning chess games!

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