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Details:Be on your guard, and be alert! GM Edmar Mednis is your guide to the world of commonly occurring tactical traps and tactical motifs in all three phases of the game - the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. Tactical ability is a prerequisite in all phases of the game. In the opening when development is in its early stages, one slip can be instantly fatal. In the middlegame, there is a myriad of tactical devices available to the ... more info

Details:In this DVD, GM Edmar Mednis - a recognized authority on the endgame - teaches the viewer the fundamentals of rook and pawn endings, including: the importance of rook activation and rook placement, the Lucena position, and the Philidor position. Mednis offers instructive examples involving passed pawns and connected passed pawns, disconnected passed pawns, outside passed pawns, and more complex positions requiring conversion of a material ... more info

Details:Volume 3: Essential Chess Tactics and Combinations pt2 Tactics and combinations are an essential part of chess. In this DVD, Susan Polgar will introduce to you the most common tactical elements in chess such as forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks, double attacks / checks, removing the guard, checkmates and more. Susan has composed most of the 64 exercises problems that will teach you her unique way to learn pattern recognition. Tactics can ... more info

Details:Bobby Fischer DVD Series: My Chess Battles with Fischer: Volumes 1and 2 150 minutes This two part DVD is dedicated to the study of Pals most interesting chess games played against the legendary US World Champion Bobby Fischer, two-time World Championship Candidate GM Pal Benko presents analysis to the following games: Benko-Fischer, Portoroz Interzonal 1958 Benko-Fischer, Candidates Tournament 1959 Benko-Fischer, Buenos Aires 1960 Fischer-Benko, ... more info

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