Roman Dzindzichashvilli

Roman 101 - 117 Special Series
Roman 101 - 117 Special Series
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Details: Roman's Lab Vol 101 - The King's Indian Defense (136 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol 102 - Killing The Sicilian with The Grand Prix Attack (106 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol 103: Winning with new attacking lines against popular openings (150 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol 104: Amazing Tactical Possibilities in The Najdorf (89 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol 105: Remarkable Rejuvenation in Scandinavian Defence (92 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol 106: Strategy Behind Playing Pawn Blockaded Positions Right out of the Opening! Part 1(106 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 107 Strategy of How to Get a Winning Advantage with Bad Pawns Part 2 (92 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 108 Strategy Behind Learning Tactics Easily Explained (92 Minutes) Part 3 (85 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 109 Strategy Behind Playing With Strong Outpost's Easily Explained Part 4 (92 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 110 Strategy Behind Positional Sacrifices for Strategically Gains Part 5 (98 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 111 Highly Instructional Games In the Queens Gambit Declined (88 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 112 Significant Changes in some Critical Positions in the Nimzo- Indian Defence (97 mins.)
Roman's Lab Vol: 113 Latest in the King’s Indian Defence New Idieas, Missed Opportunities, & Novelities (107 mins.)
Roman’s Lab Vo:l 114 Strategy Behind Pawn Breakthroughs in the Opening , Middle & Endgame (94 mins.)
Roman’s Lab Vol: 115 The Art of Winning with the Isolated Pawn in the Panov Attack (83 mins.)
Roman lab vol. 116 Encyclopedia of chess opening Part 5 (86 mins.)
Roman’s Lab Vol: 117 Encyclopedia of chess opening Part 6 (89 mins.)

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