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All 1.d4 Queen Pawn Openings
All 1.d4 Queen Pawn Openings

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Volume 0014: Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

Volume 0020: d4 Dynamite

Volume 0127: The Veresov Aggressive White Repetoire

Volume 0135: Queen Pawn Systems

Volume 0158: Blackmar-Diemer Carnage

Volume 0170: The Colle System For The Tournament Player 1

Volume 0171: The Colle System 1

Play Queen Pawn openings via 1.d4 d5. Enjoy the 2.Bf4 London System and the 2.c4 Queen's Gambit with its many defenses. In this 2018 Second Edition Tim Sawyer shares 180 games and stories from his 45-year career and other games that interest him from masters, experts, and club players. This book covers Colle and London Systems, Queen's Gambits, Albin Counter Gambit, Slav Defence, Queen's Gambit Declined and others. Join the masters. Play Double Queen Pawn lines. This 2018 edition has updated commentary and an index of player names to the game numbers. This book covers all the openings that begin 1.d4 d5 - except NOT the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit. Tim covers that gambit in great detail in his other books. You can find checkmate themes in all these openings. To help you, related games are grouped together. You will find games full of interesting ideas from years of the author's own writing. They provide creative ideas and ways to improve. Learn to win the center. Improve your control of the chess board. This book is full of little-known lines as well as a review of the main lines. Consider new strategy and tactics and your interest will soar! Stay excited. Play chess and have fun!

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