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fosv0051-0054 Foxy 0051-0054: Trompowski Combo

Foxy 0051-0054: Trompowski Combo

GM Julian Hodgson Vols. 51,52,53,54 309 minutes GM Julian Hodgson's original ideas have come to the forefront as the new main lines of the Trompowski (1.d4 Nf6 2.Bg5). He explores the surprise weapons and attacking formations that have garnered him an impressive list of victims. He considers...

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fosv0136-0139 Foxy 0136-0139 The SNIPER! Combo

Foxy 0136-0139 The SNIPER! Combo

A Dynamic Universal Ststem for The Aggressive Black Player COMBO PACK Now Available 4 dvds based on GM Ron Henley Sniper book 11 hours on 4 dvds The SNIPER! is a dynamic and universal opening system thatfills in the gaps for the Black player who plays the Accelerated Dragon,theDzindzi Indian, or...

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fosv0140-0143 Volume 0140-0143 The Sicilian Dragon Series

Volume 0140-0143 The Sicilian Dragon Series

The Sicilian Dragon Series Vol. 140  Easy Way to Learn How to Play The Sicilian Dragon 2hours 6 mins. "Gaining The Winning Edge" GM Timur  Gareev (Currently Ranked in the  top 100 Players in the World ) Presents on this DvD the thematical ideas and...

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fosv0146-0147 Volume 0146-147 Winning Repertoire Combo

Volume 0146-147 Winning Repertoire Combo

    Vol.146 Part 1  Winning Repertoire for  Black Against 1.e4  Black Plays 1....e5  (by IM Andrew Martin) 140 Minutes On Part 2 of this 2 Part dvd IM Andrew Martin gives  Black a Winning Repertoire System Against  1.e4. Meeting Whites reply with...

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