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Improve Your Practical Play with GM Danny Gormally (Dvd only)
Improve Your Practical Play with GM Danny Gormally (Dvd only)

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Details: Improve Your Practical Play is Grandmaster Danny Gormally’s first chess DVD.
Aimed at club, Congress and county players, this DVD provides a vital insight into how a grandmaster thinks and the reasoning behind his choice of moves.
In this DVD, Danny provides useful guidance to players who are looking to improve their thinking during a game by analyzing the typical strategic plans from the opening until late in the middlegame.
Are you ready to go beyond the basics?
If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ then follow Danny as he explains the fundamental ideas and principles behind some of the most complex and challenging positions.
1: Introduction
2: First Game: What Happens When You’re Too Rusty...
3: Second Game: Psychology and Nerves
4: Improving Your Nerves
5: Third Game: Playing to Your Strengths
6: Fourth Game: Why You Must Study Your Own Games
7: Fifth Game: Improving Practical Play
8: Sixth Game: Using Strategic Play
9: Seventh Game: Judgement and Calculation
10: Eighth Game: Looking for Tactical Opportunities
11: Ninth Game: Taking Risks
12: Tenth Game: Swindling Your Opponent
13: Summary
14: Danny Speaks to Grandmaster Simon Williams
15: Danny’s Best Game vs Alexey Dreev
16: Credits
Extra - The Danny Gormally Show!
Product Information
Format: DVD / download (mp4 files).
Running Time: 6 hours.
System Requirements: This DVD will run on all platforms - PC, MAC, games consoles and set top boxes. 625 PAL.
File Size: 1.55 GB.

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