Benko Gambit Accepted Alburt Part 1 & 2
Benko Gambit Accepted Alburt Part 1 & 2

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Date Added: 06/01/2014 by Alexander Shalamanov
This is a very good lecture by a well-known American chess coach on the Benko Gambit, an opening he used to play on a regular basis when he was a chess pro. Needless to say, he knows all the opening's ins and outs and is explaining the intricacies of this wonderful opening in a very lucid and clear manner. If you are planning to assimilate the opening, this product is a must in spite of the fact it's a bit old but, nonetheless, not outdated. GM Alburt is giving the openings most important ideas in a clear and entertaining way. As to the modern treatment, you can easily do it with Chessbase 12 or earlier. One important peculiarity of the Benko is the Black's healthy pawn structure and the fact that she has fewer pawn islands than White. All it gives Black a chance to achieve a very favorable middlegame and endgame structures with more chances to win, especially, for club players, when chess technique leaves much to be desired. Highly recommended!

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